There were reasons to celebrate back in February when the news finally arrived that Marvel and Sony had brokered a deal to let Spider-Man appear in the MCU, with Marvel movie boss Kevin Feige consulting on future Sony movies featuring the web-slinger. Now, talking at the junket for Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Feige has been outlining what he sees as the future for Peter Parker.

And yes, Feige confirms that the companies are moving forward with Parker as the man – or teenager – in the suit, possibly dismaying those who were hoping for Miles Morales or another version of Spidey to hit the screen. Feige also mentioned that all involved want to take Pete back to his school days. “We want to play with Spider-Man in the high school years because frankly there’ve been five Spider-Man films and the amazing thing about it is, even though there’ve been five Spider-Man films, there are so many things from the comics that haven’t been done yet,” he says. “Not just characters or villains or supporting characters, but sides to his character. The most obvious being the ‘young, doesn’t quite fit in’ kid before his powers, and then the fella that puts on a mask and swings around and fights bad guys and doesn’t shut up, which is something we want to play with and we’re excited about.”

That’s partly because his relative youth would make him stand out against the rest of the MCU. “We want to explore that. That also makes him very, very different from any of our other characters in the MCU, which is something else we want to explore: how unique he is when now put against all these other characters.”

The hunt is now on for someone to play the character, who will surface first in Captain America: Civil War before returning to his own films for Sony, but not another origin tale. Drew Goddard is angling to direct the first of the new movies. Civil War, with Joe and Anthony Russo directing, is scheduled to start shooting soon, so we’d expect to learn who the new Spider-Man is within a few weeks.