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    Youtube New 'Pay Off' Trailer For Terminator Genisys Lands HUGE SPOILER !!!!

    Some trailers can be shy about revealing certain details, but not this new 'Pay off' teaser from Terminator Genisys. There's a whole new Terminator in this movie, and this is the trailer reveals what it does - and which actor (or actress) plays it.

    So, in short, sound the spoiler siren - and buckle up for something pretty special...

    So yes, John Connor himself, as played by Jason Clarke, is the new Terminator, with the power to disintegrate and reform at will. He is part-human, part-machine, all-unstoppable: until he's stopped, of course, which may well happen by the end of Terminator Genisys. But how does this work with the time-travel / reboot nature of the film?

    There are also a number of intriguing titbits littered throughout the trailer, including the Arnie on Arnie fight, the new young John Connor, and the "Genisys" billboard that flashes past briefly. It's a trailer that shows a lot of the pyrotechnics fans of the franchise have to look forward to, with more no doubt still in store on the big screen.

    With Byung-hun Lee, Matt Smith, J.K. Simmons, Dayo Okeniyi and Sandrine Holt also among the cast, Terminator Genisys is set to arrive in our cinemas on July 3.

    Personally I think this was a dumb fucking move to reveal so much in a trailer - i would have loved to be sitting in the theater for that WOOOOAAHH moment for this :/

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    Default Re: New 'Pay Off' Trailer For Terminator Genisys Lands HUGE SPOILER !!!!

    interesting, they are certainly going all out on changing the timeline and adding in new stuff
    You know he grew up as a little shitspark from the old shitflint and then he turned into a shitbonfire and driven by the winds of his monumental ignorance he turned into a raging shitfirestorm. If I get to be married to Barb I'll have total control of Sunnyvale and then I can unleash the shitnami tidal wave that will engulf Ricky and extinguish his shitflames forever. And with any luck he'll drown in the undershit of that wave. Shitwaves.

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