Just seen Rapters post about his M8's and hoped I could also ask for some advice.

My son purchased his M8 from a third party re seller on Amazon in September 2014. All has been well until the release of the Lollipop update. The phone will not update. It starts the update process but stops at 25% and shows a red triangle with an exclamation mark. I tried a factory reset and installing the update in safe mode but no go. It seems like others have had the same issue after a quick google.

I contacted HTC UK who ran me through the usual 'flow chart' repair responses. Still no go. They confirmed that the phone would need to be returned to them and asked for the IMEI and serial number to start the RMA process.

This is where the real problems started.

From HTC UK "I have reviewed the device's IMEI, and can see it's made for the Spanish market meaning that sending the phone in for repair to the HTC UK repair centre results in no estimated repair turnaround time, with no guarantee that we have parts for the device (this is subject to parts availability) or that it will be repaired at all."

I was a bit pissed by this, my son worked all summer to save up for this phone and bought it from Amazon so he thought he was safe. I contacted the seller and asked him if the handset was a UK one as stated in the product description 'HTC One M8 UK Sim Free Smartphone'.

He will not answer the question. His response so far has been;

"Please return to the address on the invoice and we will forward it to HTC"

"All handsets we sell are either UK/EU handsets, not Chinese imports."

"Handset is UK supplied, return to the address on the invoice and we will sort with HTC."

HTC UK has a turn around time of 7 to 10 days on warranty repairs but have informed me that due to the fact that the handset needs to be sent to Spain that they cannot give a turn around time. I'm guessing the Amazon seller is only going to send the handset back to HTC UK who will then forward it to HTC Spain and in turn add more delay to the repair.

If any future faults in or out of warranty occur then the handset will always have to be sent to HTC Spain. I'm guessing the original update fault could be due to the fact that the OTA update is country specific.

I've never had a problem with Amazon before and any advice would be appreciated.