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    Default IPTV links 14th April - just a few

    all taken from this pastebin http://pastebin.com/DdCtq326 , pretty solid source. some more below confirmed working tonight (15.04.15 9pm) - MBC Max (Cocoon) - Fox Action Movies - Fox MOvies Babestation Unleashed Babestation unleashed 2 Babestation Xtra - Another basestation studio - and another - XXX - Private (xxx) - Brasileirinhas (xxx) (002,003 through 010) Bein sports HD, fast streams and 17 More Bein Sports Feeds also TV4001 to 009
    http://alil.in/tsn and below
    http://alil.in/tsn2 tsn3 tsn4 tsn5 The Sports Network - solid streams, HD (http://www.tsn.ca/tv#/ for schedule)
    http://ams-lp9.9c9media.com/hls-live.../RDSOpen8.m3u8 - RDS French Canadion sports (poker)
    http://ams-lp10.9c9media.com/hls-liv...RDS2Open8.m3u8 - RDS 2 (test card)
    http://nlds187.cdnak.neulion.com/nld...1600_ipad.m3u8 - SportsNet 360 (Canadian) - Sky Sports 1 -SKy Movies SciFi - Sky Movies Family - Sky Movies Disney (Frozen) - Sky Movies Comedy - Sky Action
    (the above servers are both in use, so if 185... fails, use 91. with same URL endpoint).

    http://odna.octoshape.net/h5f3k7p8/c...t_b880000.m3u8 - AD Sports (UAE)
    http://odna.octoshape.net/h5f3k7p8/c...t_b880000.m3u8 - AD Sports 2
    http://cdnehlsdubaisports3.endavomed.../HasBahCa.m3u8 - Dubai Sports 3

    mms://100automoto.tv/channel_porsche - Porsche TV

    HBO - been stable for a couple of days now, added 15th April

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