And they will stop working in two weeks from now, Microsoft says. Important, because if you’re running the early Windows 10 preview builds on your device, it is time to update.

These will no longer work.

The builds in question are build 9841, 9860 and 9879, which expire today.

Redmond posted the announcement on the Insider Hub, warning that old versions of Windows 10 are expiring today, and people that want to continue using the Technical Preview will need to update to a newer version to do so.

Here is this most official of messages:
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The software titan launched the very first Windows 10 Technical Preview build in early October 2014, and since then the company has updated it several times. These test versions have been made available via the Windows Insider program, though a fair few of them have also unofficially leaked out.

Updates are automatically delivered to these installations, as they become available.

But in case you are running a preview version of Windows 10 in an isolated environment without access to the Internet, this heads up is your call to move to a new version.