Someone is still trying to make Fletch happen. Right now, that someone is production company Relativity, which has struck up a deal for the rights to the smart-alec reporter from Gregory McDonald’s books. The company also has Jason Sudeikis in negotiations to take over the role most famously played on screen by Chevy Chase.

If all this sounds familiar, you’re not wrong: just last year, Warner Bros. was the studio looking to bring Fletch back, and Sudeikis was their choice back then too. Now the clock is reset as Relativity starts meeting with writers to try to crack the script. As seems to be the standard for these new attempts at Fletch films, it will be an origin story for the character, possibly based on McDonald’s eighth book, Fletch Won, which explored his first career break.

We’re not going to start holding our collective breath for much movement yet: this is an idea that has evaded several directors, actors and studios in its time. Kevin Smith, Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, Bill Lawrence and Zach Braff have all been attached at different points.

Will Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher live again? Who knows? The bigger question might be, given how much hassle he’s proved so far, should he?