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    BBC Sport Man Utd in our pockets - Mourinho

    Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho said Manchester United's important players were "in our pockets" in a match that went "exactly" as they wanted.

    The Blues boss says his side have "almost" won the Premier League title after their
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    moved them 10 points clear at the top.

    United dominated possession and had more chances than the league leaders.

    Mourinho said: "We prepared for it to be like this. It was the game we wanted and expected."

    Chelsea will be champions if they win at Arsenal and Leicester in their next two matches, having beaten third-placed United with a first-half goal from Eden Hazard.

    Visiting manager Louis van Gaal
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    but Mourinho insists it was part of the game plan.

    "It was difficult, but less than you think," he said. "Control their direct football to Marouane Fellaini and control the wingers from making crosses on the inside foot.

    "When we know Wayne Rooney plays in midfield, we control his progression into the box. Control set-pieces and don't give away direct free-kicks as they have three specialists.

    "Wait for a mistake and score a goal. We were able to make their important players disappear. Nobody saw them. They were in our pockets."

    United went into the match knowing they needed to win for the first time in five league visits to Chelsea to have any realistic hope of winning the title.

    But, despite big celebrations at the end of the match, Mourinho was careful to point out his side are not champions yet.

    "We are not celebrating," he said. "Football is not about 'ifs' and 'almosts', it is about mathematics. When it is done, it is done, and until that moment we don't celebrate.

    "The celebration is because we have beaten one of the biggest clubs in the world. The celebration is because they have everything to win that game and the result is because of the work they did all week to prepare for this game.

    "I feel we are almost there but there are no 'almosts' in football."

    Top four run-in

    Manchester United
    Manchester City
    76 pts, +39 GD
    66 pts, +31 GD
    65 pts, +28 GD
    61 pts, +31 GD
    Arsenal (a)

    Chelsea (h)

    Everton (a)

    West Ham (h)

    Leicester (a)

    Hull (a)

    West Brom (h)

    Aston Villa (h)

    Crystal Palace (h)

    Swansea (h)

    Crystal Palace (a)

    Tottenham (a)

    Liverpool (h)

    Man Utd (a)

    Arsenal (h)

    QPR (h)

    West Brom (a)

    Sunderland (h)

    Hull (h)

    Swansea (a)

    Sunderland (h)

    West Brom (h)

    Southampton (h)

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    Default Re: Man Utd in our pockets - Mourinho

    Van gaals post match interview was priceless, what a sore loser.

    Thanks to beerman

    CominAtcha (28th April 2015) 

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    Default Re: Man Utd in our pockets - Mourinho

    Mourinho talking shit.

    He played for Rooney to be in the midfield? And us to lose Carrick and Blind?

    Most boring champions I've ever known.

    We won't give everyone a 2 month headstart next season.

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    Default Re: Man Utd in our pockets - Mourinho

    Mourinho full of shit as usual. We played them off the pitch yesterday, should have got a draw at the very least.

    A lot of positives from that performance. We will be fighting for the title next year without a doubt.

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    Default Re: Man Utd in our pockets - Mourinho

    Amazing how Mourinho cries when teams 'park the bus' against Chelsea and they do not win. However, when they do it they have the other team exactly where they wanted them. Cannot stand this egotistical little man.

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