Just because one big trailer leaked this weekend, it doesn’t mean they all have to follow suit. But the new promo for Fantastic Four did just that, followed by Fox releasing the official version, alongside a new poster.

While the first trailer was very much world-and-tone-setting, drawing dark grey brushstrokes along the story of the four who end up becoming heroes, this one should go some way to allaying the fears of those who worried it was going to become a joyless apocalypse drama. Indeed, there is plenty of light and some laughter here, including awkward Reed Richards (Miles Teller) failing at fist bump-ology, some good-natured ribbing between Richards, Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) and Kate Mara’s Sue Storm and Michael B. Jordan allowing more of his natural charisma to bubble through Johnny Storm.

But lest you think the pendulum swung completely towards the light side, we also see something of Toby Kebbell's Victor Domashev, the man who will be Doom, who is working alongside our heroes, travels with them to the alternate dimension and ends up... Well, you know.