After those fan-pleasing posters over the weekend, the new full-length trailer for Jurassic World has arrived online. Look forward to plenty of raptors and your first proper look at the genetically-modified dinosaur that's set to crush all before it.

Jurassic World finds John Hammond’s dream of a fully functioning dino-park realised thanks to a massive conglomerate that has stepped into the T-Rex-shaped breach and injected a load of dosh to get the place up and running under the smooth business aegis of Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire.

By now, things are operating smoothly, with attractions galore and tourist hotspots all around. But as time has gone on, even the biggest and baddest dino displays have become a tad passé. So, in an attempt to drum up fresh interest, Claire and the other executives have given the thumbs up to a particularly smart dinosaur called Indominus Rex. One that doesn’t really understand its place in the world and that has already made a quick lunch of the twin born alongside it.

And because this is a Jurassic Park film, it’s not long before the screaming starts, and animal behavioural specialist/all-round big damn hero Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) – who voiced concerns about the new baby – is tasked with trying to stop the new menace as she stomps across the theme resort like an out of control toddler with much more dangerous teeth.