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    I have been looking around and understanding about dynamic dns, but some of the information seems to contradict each other.

    I am currently using a HH5 and it would be great to find a service that works with this, but installing a small client is also an option. Ideally I am after a free service but again if I have to pay I don't mind, but as this is a test to see if I want to keep it moving forward don't really want any long term thing yet.

    any help or advice would be great. if there is any advantages to changing from a HH5 I might be tempted to that too, but that adds more cost so not sure I would be willing to do that till I have proved it and it becomes useful.

    Main reason for it, so I can use it to host things like Plex, Minecraft and also might dabble at building a website/forum for the fun.
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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] is my favourite, they have free domains, I think you just have to login once a month to keep them running. But an account is only something like $30 for up to 25 domains for a year! Any recent hardware that has DynDNS built in seems to accept no-ip, including homehubs.

    Personally I would rather a Draytek router, I have the 2850Vn, as it gives you a lot more control over your network if that's what you're after. They just announced their first AC model so I might upgrade to that soon!

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    Second no-IP.com
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    My microserver is using changeip.org I don't have to keep logging in to use it and the client on my server keeps it updated automatically.

    they have loads of free domains and the free service is great I have been using it since I got my server and it's been spot on every time.
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    I'm using DtDNS at the moment which works with my homehub. Got CNAME records pointing at the dynamic name for a few domains and it works seamlessly. No need to worry about crashing services or apps on a PC.
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    Over Carl said:

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    Ive been using afraid.org for a while as they don't seem to be planning a stunt like dyndys did.

    Seems like a decent reliable service and as well as A records you can also setup CNAME, MX and even SRV records.

    Unfortunately router support is limited.
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    DejaVu said:

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    DNSExit. Free with your own top level domain too, so you can even use that one you got... [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. (Why didn't you call me you penis?)
    Run a small client on your PC (if it's on 24/7) and it updates it every 2 minutes.

    As mentioned, if you don't want to run a small App, you can always forward the top level domain and mask it to one of the free services BT Hub 5 has integrated - I forget the ones it does now.

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    20% off new sign ups at no-ip expires today, code: 20SAVING

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    Just switched to no-ip from DynDNS

    I cocked up at first.. I bought the No-Ip service but with no domain name thinking I had to add it afterwards..
    Anyhow, their customer service team credited my account and I am up and running within an hour.

    I have had to ditch my .co.uk domain name and goto .com as they do not support .co.uk, however it is for personal use anyway so not a problem.

    I did have $5 off originally but I could not use it again after my schoolboy error. DynDNS was becoming flakey in my honest opinion. No-IP has some gotchas you have to look out for when making the change but it is all learning rather than their problem. For example I have had to tell my router to accept multiple addresses whereas with DynDNS they were aliases dealt with at their end.

    No biggy and for the few seconds it takes to set up and the money saved, I am very happy. Or at least I hope I am for the next two years.
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    evilsatan said:

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    I use no-ip for over 25 sites and it is solid, most devices that accept dynamic DNS have no-ip listed too which is handy.