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    Tonybrin said:

    Advice Vehicle Purchase

    I'm currently in the market for a new vehicle (new to me) and I need some advice!
    The seller is in Scotland (army post) and is unable to meet face to face where the Vehicle is! It's in Humberside.
    Now He has offered to use Google Wallet for the transaction with me obviously as buyer!

    Buyer and seller Agree terms of purchase
    Buyer submits a payment option to Google Wallet who verifies payment
    Seller ships vehicle and tracking info etc
    Buyer then has 10 days of inspection (to either accept or decline the vehicle, if not, they transport the vehicle back) their cost.

    Never come across this, read about this or heard anything about this until now? Sounds too good to be true to me. Seller is even willing to pay delivery at his cost!
    can anyone verify or have used this way to make a purchase? thank you in advance

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    Over Carl said:

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    Sound like a scam to me. If it is really worth it get a train ticket and pick it up in person.
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    My answer would be get an AA inspection done on it, and if it seems cool then as OC said jump on a train and get it.

    1. Why would you buy a car without looking at it in person?
    2. i would avoid at all costs all it takes is the guy to send it smashed up and no engine, then when you return it (if true) he claims you damaged it and stole the engine.
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    Over Carl said:

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    That is if you are lucky enough to even receive a smashed up car with no engine.
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    JonEp said:

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    Has scam all over it.
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    ferarrifeet said:

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    don't do it ,suspected scam.
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    BigBird said:

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    Its almost definitely a scam They say its in Scotland and they will deliver free because they know for most people its an attractive option rather than having to travel all that way to collect.

    I saw a Jetski I wanted to buy on Gumtree which was advertised as being in Bristol. Contacted the seller and was told the Jetski was now in Scotland which she has moved back home to after her husband had died, and to save me a long trip she would even get it delivered free of charge. She would set up an ebay private listing which I could use to purchase the jetski and I would be covered by Ebay money back guarantee if I was any way dissatisfied. At the same time (using a different name and email address) I contacted a different seller selling a different jetski and it turned out to be the same person and the same old spin as the first. What they do is send you an email with a link to an Ebay listing so you think you are fully covered by the guarantee, but the link takes you to a mock Ebay page which has nothing to do with Ebay. If something sounds too good to be true then it usually is and best avoided. (">
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    Def scam - had similar and replied with something like "oh ive got some mates based there, mind if they go have a look at it" never heard from them again.