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    Default Meerkat Movies - 2-4-1 - Cheat

    If you go to the Compare the Market website and purchase 1-day UK travel insurance, it'll cost you £2 to £2.50 (some have got it for £1.37!). However, this is a "qualifying purchase"​ under the terms of the offer, which allows you to join the "Meerkat Movies" scheme to get 2-4-1 cinema entry once a week for 12 months.
    Until they change the conditions, that is.

    It can take 48 hours for it to go through the system, so when you've download the app don't expect to be able to activate it straight away.

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    Default Re: Meerkat Movies - 2-4-1 - Cheat

    Just got my travel insurance £2.03 for the day
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    Default Re: Meerkat Movies - 2-4-1 - Cheat

    Word to the wise, it seems if you have used the website in the past, it goes from the start date of your membership to the website.

    I downloaded the app to see if my local was taking part, and it automatically signed me up for the 3 months I had left, so I would buy a new product before trying to sign in with the app.

    I on purposely did not accept the agreement on the app, and pressed by back button, but still agreed to the terms.

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