Hi all,

We are about to have our loft done.

Currently I have a Sky + HD box downstairs front room(2 feeds), then 2 feeds into the back room.
I have a second dish that feeds two bedrooms upstairs.

When the work starts I want to lose one of the dishes and I plan to have a central location for a Network Switch and a satellite multiswitch and TV ariel switch.

Question is, as Google not really spelling it out to a Noob, is how do they work...? I know you can feed the cables in from a quattro LNB for multiple outputs.

I will be feeding:

2 feeds to the Front Room for the main Sky+ HD box.
2 Feeds to the conservatory

Then I plan to put a single feed in each of the other 5 rooms upstairs, no need for 2 feeds.
So I make that 9 outputs.. Will I be able to do this and use Sky+ HD with no issues?

Thanks in advance.