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    Wanted SATA Power Connectors

    I have a computer I use to copy hard drives. Looks like I've done it so many times the power connectors are starting to fall apart but the PSU itself is still good.

    So I am on the ponce hoping someone has some old leads lying around please

    I need a pair with at least an inch of wire still on, if someone happens to have 6 spare that would be lovely to allow a future upgrade but I'm desperately after 2 at the moment.

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    Default Re: SATA Power Connectors

    gimme a sec see if I got em

    EDIT: I have 3 packets of em. lying around when I built a few asus gaming machines. are these ok ?

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    PM me ya address and ill send em free of charge
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    Thanks to Mickey

    Over Carl (11th May 2015) 

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