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    Default Picons

    My ocd got the better of me and I've filled in all the gaps in my picons on my zgemma.

    This picon pack is mostly either sandmans or sgtflipflops but I can't remember which one I downloaded on my box. The other 87 icons are mine created with my google image search and ms paint resizing skills.

    These fill the gaps in my channel list but do I have the following sections hidden in auto bouquets maker so some may be missing for your lineup: religious, shopping, sky box office, international, gaming and dating, specialist, sky info, bonus channels, regional variations, ss interactive, sky anytime.

    If you still have gaps go to the channel that is not displaying a picon and then press menu --> info --> service, it should show the service reference number which looks something like this: 1_0_1_2094_7FA_2_11A0000_0_0_0. Let me know that number and what channel it is and I'll create the picon. Alternatively if you have one not in this list upload it, I'll try and keep this as up to date as possible.

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    Thanks to beerman

    Nathz29 (24th May 2015) 

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    Default Re: Picons

    Thanks, will give this s try. I did have one from techkings which had most of the channels but since updating channel list any updated channels don't have a picon. Hopefully installing yours will get them back

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