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    Anyone worked here? Pluses/negatives? (Know the tax rate is good - 20%). Anything to watch out for (other than chewing gum)?
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    Only thing I know! it's really expensive to live there.

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    I work in Singapore currently. It's a good place to live, cheap to fly to other South East Asian countries. Housing is very very expensive. If it's not important for you to have a swimming pool, tennis courts, security, then rent HDB. Singapore is secure enough, no need for extra security. Food is cheaper to buy from foodcourts than preparing it yourself, unless you are minimum a family of 4. Cars are super expensive, you need to buy a permit to buy a car first, this can already be €50,000 just for the permit. So if you are going to use the metro/mrt then ensure your accomodation is close to an mrt station, it's too hot to walk outside.
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    Looks like I could be working in n Bangkok by Christmas!!
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    Thanks guys - might explain the pay rate, by expensive roughly what would a niceish 1 bed flat near transport links cost/month?