Upgrading from Xbox 360 to ??

Thread: Upgrading from Xbox 360 to ??

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    TIN CAN said:

    Default Upgrading from Xbox 360 to ??

    I used to have a PS3 then moved to Xbox 360 when they came out and now debating what to move too....

    Pro's and con's please... Aware may be down to personal preference but i'm currently swaying to PS4..
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    pickie said:

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    you get what you want, I say Xbox, but I bet the next post will be PS, then the next post Xbox and so forth, I believe the Xbox has a far superior online experience, there's the debate that ps4 has better graphics which I think is true, BUT when your running around and moving about its not so obvious, both look stunning, game exclusives so you wont see them on other platforms, as you say its down to personal preference, both consoles are great machines you wont be disappointed with either
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    piggzy said:

    Default Re: Upgrading from Xbox 360 to ??

    Agree with pickie about online. You cannot beat beat MS for online. Sony online experience was never there for me and that was without fairly regular outages in my experience.

    If you don't use online much than PS4 may be your better option.
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    moonrat said:

    Default Re: Upgrading from Xbox 360 to ??

    I say ultimately go with the system your friends play on as that will make the difference.

    If this is not an issue I say xbox. Firstly I am an xbox fanboy, but do plan is on getting a ps4 when I can pass 'another box in the living room' past the Mrs (I have benq gaming monitor for one already and our place has no secret man cave.

    PlayStation plus is better now because you have to pay for it, but still behind live in my limited experience.

    The xbox (which I love) is a pile of crap. You will experience all sorts of crashes and strangeness, but all can usually be fixed in seconds (and it's rarely an in game crash).

    The whole point of my post (sorry I'm drunk in Poland) is that Ms have a much better long game. There is a major update to the dashboard soon to basically have it integrated with win 10. Sony seem slower at pushing updates to fix anything.

    Ultimately it's a console and will never compete with pc master race, so you will be happy with either, but my vote is xbone.

    Edit I know said ultimately twice.
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    piggzy said:

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonrat View Post
    (sorry I'm drunk in Poland)

    To add . I got a 360 and a PS3.... loved the 360 the PS3 got used as an ornament, seriously nobody used it and after a couple of years of no use got rid ! I know they are all good (got a wii) but PlayStation I get bored of so quick it is a waste of money for me.
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    beerman said:

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    If you have friends who play online then go with what they have. All my mates were had xbox 360s and I was the first out of our playing circle to get an xbox one so they havegot an xbone since.
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    SiE said:

    Default Re: Upgrading from Xbox 360 to ??

    Out of the 3 I would say we play

    Xb1 35%
    Wii u 65%
    Ps4 0%

    It depends what type of game floats your boat. I hate RPG's so the PS4 is lacking titles that interest me. The wii u has incredible exclusives that I can play with the kids. Xb1 for fps games and multi platforms.

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    akimba said:

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    I played on a PS4 for the first time last week and thought fuck me is this the best Sony can do to compete against the XBONE, I am an MS fan but was well disappointed with the PS4, the xbox one integration with you friends, achievements, game clips and the whole social side is so much better let alone the gaming experience.
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    Mystical_2K said:

    Default Re: Upgrading from Xbox 360 to ??

    if you have kids then you wont beat the Wii U in my opinion (the new Yoshi Wooly game thing is absolutely fantastic to play)
    apart from that you would generally pick the system that most of your mates have if you are into online play.

    Personally i went with the Xbox one with Kinect, love the games and the simplicity of the system to use, TV integration is 100% better than i thought it would be and is really useful.
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