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    I turned 45 a few months ago and have worked for the same company for the last 15 years, I've spent the last 10 years supporting and investigating system error on our internal computer system (manly config) which is so old nobody uses any more. We have just moved onto a new bespoke system however due to company re-structure the majority of my work has been moved to another location, I'm now left really just logging issue for our new office to investigate, and to be honest I'm bored out of my brain.

    It has dawned on me (although i knew this was coming) that i need a new job, but to be honest i have no real skill to offer, I've had a few interviews but they are all looking for set skill that i don't have.

    I've been looking at some SQL courses as this seem to be a major requirement for most of the jobs i'm looking at, but worried about taking the plunge, don't want to fork out money i haven't got, most companies want experienced people, not sure if completing a course will satisfy their requirements.

    Just wanted to know if anyone else has ever found them self in this position and what you did to turn things around.

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    Learn a few newer techs instead. Have a look at MongoDB and Cassandra and maybe some of the agile management tech along the lines of Confluence and stuff like that. May as well go modern and think to the future instead of learning age old tech.

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    Cheers Bert, I'll take a look