Win 7 update issues.

Thread: Win 7 update issues.

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    muttleymacclad said:

    Default Win 7 update issues.

    Following on from my windows 8.1 request in the downloads section...

    Done fresh install of win 7 on an old vista amd64 machine.
    No matter what version I put on, it just won't download updates. Even if left over night.

    Tried the various fixes listed by MS but with no luck.
    Jonep has said he's had this recently, with machines not pulling down updates for a day or so.

    Anybody else noticed this?


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    WRATH OF BOD said:

    Default Re: Win 7 update issues.

    i have noticed that when you click check for updates it just sits there searching, but in the back ground
    i noticed when you shut down some or all have actually downloaded & install in reboot, noticed this for a few weeks now
    so i now check the shut down button a few time an hour & eventually all get done
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    OurPuma said:

    Default Re: Win 7 update issues.

    sorry for the late reply to this but I have seen Win 7 clients update issues for the last 6 months.

    It has been resolved (I believe) by this patch from MS.

    Hope this helps someone

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