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    Just wondering if i were to get a 10k loan fron bank at say 8%apr would it work out cheaper to put it on a 0% credit card at 3.9% (it could cost 4.5% cash into bank) for 2 years then balance transfer outstanding till paid off
    I was thinking 5yrs for bank and same for C/C thanks


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    Have a read here and see if it helps.

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    Why not look at an alternative. Peer2Peer places are becoming more popular. Zopa I think is the one to look at.
    People with money Invest as lenders and people who want a loan borrow 'micro loans' from the lenders, normally 10 a pop but to the borrower you are taking out a single loan.

    Clever stuff and the rates are normally better than the banks for both saving and lending.