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    crazyal said:

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    Got it a day early so been playing it on and off today, in between getting a new fence fitted due to bad weather.

    Just working my way through the Training Missions and loving it so far.

    EDIT - Just played some online stuff - the air-battles are fantastic and I'm even loving playing as ground troops running around the legs of AT-AT's.
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    SiE said:

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    Got bored very quickly. Very little content with very few maps. It's basically 4 maps cut up for different modes. Some of the game modes are not much fun. The combat is basic but fun for a while. Graphics, character models and sfx are ace. It's just annoying that the extra content is so expensive. More maps should have been included especially with the lack of a campaign.

    Fun but limited 7/10 for me

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    akimba said:

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    Not played it myself but heard from a friend he thinks it will be a one week wonder :-S
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    crazyal said:

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    I'm biased as I'm a total SW nut.

    I don't tend to play games to death constantly so I'll definitely keep coming back to this one.
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    QUALCAST said:

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    got it and loved it for about 2 hrs, then its just hit me how shallow it is, theres nothing after the pretty gfx , such a shame will be trading even though i love star wars theres nothing for me that makes it a keeper. :-(