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    Kevin Smith's Tusk (sharpened and polished)

    Further information available here:

    Duration: 49 minutes
    Original Run Time: 105 minutes
    Size: 1.02GB

    Notes: I've shaved one hour off the run time, turning Tusk into a short film. All extraneous characters (i.e. Justin Long's character's girlfriend, best friend and Johnny Depp's ridiculous character are out). This also results in the film having a more consistent tone (previously it went back and forth between broad comedy and disturbing horror; it's now much more horror centric, with a black streak of humour).

    New soundtrack elements have also been added, including two versions of I Am The Walrus (which absolutely should have been in the original cut of the film and no doubt wasn't included purely because of rights issues) and also Ave Maria.

    Other changes are fairly minor but include the creation of new shots using other, outside sources of film.
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