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    Attention All you need to know about the Kodi and how to use it

    Will be adding these when I have time

    This is a stock rom for any box/pc that can run kodi. This is not a thread for custom roms. they can be found in this section

    If you need Kodi. Get it here. Stick it onto a USB and install from either the browser on the android homepage or installer

    Arm is for most of the popular kodi boxes (MXQs etc etc)
    X86 is self explanatory its for the intel chipset of kodi boxes

    Helix is the old one (14.2) a lot of boxes still use this
    Isengard (15.2) is now the trusted one (final chapter) is the last in this version
    Jarvis (16.1) is now the latest fully working version the best to use

    Quick start guide

    How to add other Channels

    There are a few ways to get other channels, the easiest is to use the video-addons section from within kodi.
    To get this goto the video addons tab
    scroll up not down till you see "add more"
    Click on that and wait as it downloads the list of new addons/updates
    Once listed scroll to where you want and select install.
    If you see any on your list that say "enabled" then they are already installed
    There is options on these files to configure/install/uninstall etc etc

    2nd best option is to download the addon onto a USB stick. Simply google
    the addon name and get it in APK format.

    Install from the homescreen of android with either the browser or app installer icon

    Other Software

    In addition to creating Kodi, the members of Team Kodi have created official remotes to be installed on your tablet or phone.
    Kore™ (Android) Official Kodi Remote (iOS)
    Like Kodi itself, both official remotes are free and open source software.

    Best kodi apps according to just me
    - Possibly my Fav one at the moment

    Been messing with titan and its quite good. Has lots of old films and series for instance has evey Laurel & Hardy film made as well as others. a great set of old shows and films from yesteryear

    File can be put onto a USB stick here:

    take the zipp file and run through addons on KO'd

    Awesome streams for very good football
    (EDIT: Due to threats they have removed this ADDON)
    Install in the usual way

    Awesome Streams
    this is now working again but by a different team
    Grab the rep here and install as usual

    Not done anything on here for a while so whilst messing with repos and seing whats new as sometimes when you get an update you don't realize that there is new addons added to your list to be installed anytime you want. anyhow TITAN XXX was in my list and as you can see its very Adult orientated, even has midget porn so det can w'nk himself dizzy.

    Titan XXX Kodi Addon Installation Step By Step Tutorial

    August 27, 2016

    Titan XXX
    How To Install And Setup Titan XXX Kodi Addon

    Titan XXX Kodi Addon for adults offers a wide range of XXX Adult viewing content so please be aware that it is over the age of 18+ only.
    Follow the install setup guide below for easy installation of the Titan XXX Kodi Addon:

    • Start Kodi
    • Choose System > File Manager
    • Choose Add Source
    • Choose None
    • Then type and choose Done
    • Highlight the box underneath enter a name for this media Source, type titanrepo and choose OK
    • Return to your Home Screen
    • Choose System
    • Choose Addons
    • Choose Install from zip file
    • Choose titanrepo
    • Choose Addons
    • Choose
    • Wait for Addon enabled notification
    • Choose Install from repository
    • Choose Titan Repository
    • Choose Video Addons
    • Choose Titan XXX
    • Choose Install
    • Wait for Addon enabled notification
    • Titan XXX Kodi Addon is now installed and ready to use. As usual the addon can be accessed via Videos > Addons > Titan XXX Kodi

    get out the cleanex
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