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    Help Ghosting win 8.1

    Hi All
    my laptop has just started to show my facebook page through my desktop as if the desktop is transparent, also in in photoshop cc it shows through, anybody any ideas, thanks
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    How to fix Image Persistence on LCD displays
    There are many articles that tells you about Image Persistence on LCD monitors and about various methods of fixing it. Like using screensavers. But none of them tells you what savers are good for it. They just talking about blinking light patterns in general. Or leaving display unplugged from the electrical outlet for 24 hours, etc. It's all bull****. All you really need is to switch the crystals from one extreme state to another. From completely oblique to completely transparent couple hundred times and your problem will be gone.
    Here's the simplest and 100% effective method to get rid of the memory images using "My Pictures Slideshow" that came with Windows XP. All you have to do is to create 2 images with paint or any other graphics program. Size is not important. You can make them 640 by 512 pix, for example. One image completely white, another completely black. Put them in a separate folder. Then select My Pictures Slideshow from screensaver tab on Display Properties and make it use images from this folder. Select minimal interval of 6 seconds. Move second slider to use 100% of the screen and select "Stretch Small Images". And you can get images [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Fire it up and come back in an hour. Your ghost images should be gone. May be sooner. That's all you have to do.
    General background

    Image Persistence on LCD monitors is not a permanent damage in most cases, unlike Burn In on CRT displays, where phosphorous is physically damaged. Liquid Crystals simply have a tendency to "remember" their states if left in one state for too long. And after that they won't respond to electrical signals the same way, so you will see some ghost images. However cycling them from one state to another multiple times usually clears up this memory effect. Also if you will leave monitor turned off for a long period of time, it will clear the memory too. But it can take several days.

    To prevent Image Persistence, set up "turn off" monitor after some period of time in Display Control Panel under Power Options and use the screen saver I described above few minutes prior to it. I have screensaver kick in after 20 minutes of inactivity and turn it off after 30. It does the job for me.
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    cheers neilb, sorted it out, never even heard about that..
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