I'll start off by telling you that TVonics went bust in 2012 so they are no longer available to help!

I have a TVonics DTR-Z500 500GB Digital TV Recorder and a few days ago I suffered a power outage, since when I have been unable to restart the digibox.

On the front are three lights, one is the "Record indicator", another the "Power indicator" and the third the "Play indicator". Since the power was restored all three lights have remained lit. I have unplugged and replugged the unit - last time for 24 hours unplugged to drain any residual power within the unit - but re-powering just relights the indicators.

No signal is reaching the attached TV so I cannot tell what the unit is actually doing and, as there is no reset button on the unit the only reset method is via the digibox's menu - which is inaccessible.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this, or similar, device or otherwise have any suggestions, other than to cut my losses and buy a new one, as to how I might get it back working again?

Thanks in advance.