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    Default PS3 Thingy come off. What is it, where does it go?

    Mates taken his PS3 apart to get rid of all the dust and shit and repaste the CPUs.

    By accident, he found something that he'd knocked off (circled in the image) - large image for middle age short-sighted ones on here (on in new tab)!

    What is it and where does it go? I've googled the board and found a High Res version thats complete, but I cant seem to find the bit from the missing board.

    Its like finding a needle in a haystack and I dont think its come from the main board. Anyone able to assist? Almost like spot the difference!!
    The 'intact copy' I found on Google -
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    Default Re: PS3 Thingy come off. What is it, where does it go?

    looks like it could be just a loose one from production, just floating around in the case, i have found one when i opened a new graphics card, the card was fine and still running 2 years later.

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    Default Re: PS3 Thingy come off. What is it, where does it go?

    it is a surface mount capacitor, unless there is a place on the board where its from then yes it could possibly be a spare that the machine spat out and got missed on inspection

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