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    Info Netflix 'Hidden' Categories and more!

    If you're anything like me trying to find movies on Netflix can be a really PITA job!

    The NetFlix Secret Code Directory

    Then I come across this little box of tricks!
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    NEhancer Ratings System
    Fed up with NetFlix ratings system then try NEnhancer - NEnhancer can help make sure you pick only the very best movies by adding in IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and trailers.
    Google it, for the OS you use! Available as an app and more.

    NetFlix Party
    An App that allows you to chat to others while watching a NetFlix movie! Chrome extension Netflix Party! Only available for Chrome users.

    Netflix Pause Remover
    You like watching series on NetFlix but you get that annoying 30 Second delay! Google "Netflix Pause Remover"

    Buffering Problems?
    Well, there's a hidden menu with NetFlix which you can make adjustments, but accessing is different depending on the platform! So here goes!
    Windows: Hold down Shift + Alt + Left click
    OS X: Hold down Shift + Opt + Left Click
    Chrome browser: Hold down Ctrl + Shift + Alt/Opt + S
    Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3: Using the directional pad, click up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up.This could take a few tries to get right. And no, it's not the Konami Code.

    A menu labeled Diagnostics will appear on screen. Select Stream Manager.
    Once there, go ahead and click Manual Selection to change your buffering rate. Make your choice, select Apply, and you're all set. Higher rates will result in higher-quality video, but lower rates mean you'll actually be able to watch said video before the next Ice Age hits, or before everyone else moves on to the next cool show.

    Making up for yesterday's episode!
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    Making up for yesterday's episode!
    You got no chance mate.