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    MajorFU said:

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    Did anyone else think Rosberg got exactly what he deserved the dirty sniveling cheating cunt

    And the fucking mercerdes cheating cunts taking 1.5 seconds longer in the pit and not giving hamilton a chance to undercut by bringing rosberg straight in on tyres 10 laps newer.

    Hamilton should tell the lot of them to fuck off and go to ferarri
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    Copex said:

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    i watched the first race and haven't watched a race since 15 year addiction cured in on race :-)
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    muttleymacclad said:

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    Have to say that F1 doesn't excite me much these days, I much prefer the WEC. But then again Formula E is the biggest crock of shit I've ever watched.

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    MHP said:

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    Lost contact with F1 years ago, it's become too safe, sterile and boring. Ecclestone has fucked it up big time. It needs to be a no holes barred technology/engineering fest or go completely stock and just test the drivers.
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    stevo25 said:

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    I watched scalextric at weekend too. But I dont like Hamilton at all, so for me it was ok , but Nico came off worse. Hope he gets him next race.
    Hamiltons little voice on the radio complaining about Nicos tyres sounded like a spoilt child