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    Hope eventually you will have a good holiday bro, as I said I am glad they were more expensive than others I googled otherwise I would be in the same situ
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    I think this is where a travel business backed by a public blockchain would be ideal. There would be no need for ATOL at all and you'd know that your contract with both the airline and the hotel was immutable.

    The only question is why you'd need the travel company at all, but I suppose a model where they just aggregate deals, setup the contracts and for that they could charge a small fee.
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    Right ok got some news on this its not great but a bit better than we could hope for.

    paid in full using visa debit card (fucking cancer has stopped my ability to get any kind of credit) visa has a chargeback procedure regardless of the bank issuer apparently so we have applied for that and had the paperwork through today.

    The flights are still valid payment was split and flights have been confirmed but we have to rebook hotel at today's rates which is now shot up by 250.

    we are looking at 860 for the same hotel without breakfast and standard double room where we booked with breakfast and had the King double room with kitchen etc.

    hotel company will not honour the original booking or will they touch the original price
    so we are booking the hotel elsewhere out of principal Even though it will be a little more expensive.

    so at worst we have lost out for hotel so hoping to get some money back.
    And thank you to everyone for the comments.


    P.s. We have used LCH before when they were atol registered and we didn't realise they we no longer covered.
    sad thing is this has happened to us before when travel city direct went under we
    lost our Florida holiday but atol cover meant that first choice took over everything for us.
    Looks like I got lucky - trying to book the hotel direct from their website was over 4k but emailed them enquiring about the original booking and can keep it just pay the 2500 euros on arrival.

    I did know they were no longer atol protected but have used them a few times since then anyway, it's also why always pay some of the booking on a credit card. Had it years ago when someone else closed and Barclaycard refunded it in a couple of days.