My Partner took her 2 daughters there for a week all inc. Last holiday for them as a family as they are both growing up (15/28). So this was to be special. On arrival they got their keys it was about midday, they walked for 20 minutes to their complex room, only to find out they had been given the wrong keys.

The place was a total scumbag shit hole of a complex and drunken yobs running around being assoles and wannabye gansters.

The following morning she had a word with the Jet2 rep and one of the girls started laughing as she asked to be moved. This wound our lass up no end.

Seriously thinking of getting in touch with the ombudsmen on this. I also paid on CC so I might go down that route.

So a few hours later the reps came back and said they had a 4 star bed and brek. but was 181 more. She phoned me up told me and I paid it on my card just to get them out of there.

The hotel has gone down from a 3 star to a 2 star over night with the trouble there. I am glad she is out and the 4 star is ok, but she didn't have her cc with her and buying food is expensive in the bars/cafes. Anyhow she found a Lidl so she a tad happy..

So kiddies I would not recommend this hotel complex and if you go more fool you

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Her older Daughter has sent in a review but needs authorizing, but the comments left from the other people really tell you how shiit it is there