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    Hi all my sister in Edinburgh took her mini to the garage she usually uses in Edinburgh today he has told her to find someone with mini diagnostics as they don't their scanner is coming up with two unknown errors. The symptoms are that the revs seem either quite low sub 750 revs and the engine cuts out or it seems to tick over at 1500+. Has anyone any recommendations of anywhere in the area or surrounding that could look at it. I don't want her going to just anybody being female and not too mechanically savvy.
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    I don't know the area at all myself.

    However I have a couple of ideas:

    1. If you can post the two unknown codes that were found I will see if I have any idea what they might mean.
    2. If you are struggling to find a Mini specialist, speak to BMW specialists. A lot of them will also work on Mini as diagnostic tools specialised for BMW also normally work with Minis as well.
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    Thanks Over Carl.
    Unfortunately she didn't get the codes from them,
    I did send her a list of BMW & mini specialists I could find online.