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    raelmadrid said:

    Advice Sky Q question

    OK so I have a main box and 2 multiroom boxes - all Sky+ HD

    Would sky let me keep 1 of these as it is and upgrade the other 2 to Sky Q?

    edit: found my answer on FAQ:

    Can I keep my existing Sky+ HD subscription as well as my new Sky Q setup?
    • As Sky+HD and Sky Q are two separate services, they require different technology to be used at the satellite dish. As part of your upgrade to Sky Q, we will change one of the elements of the customer's satellite dish such that it will work for Sky Q, but it will no longer work for Sky+HD. In most cases your dish itself and existing cabling will not need to be replaced.

    lol oh well
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    bobo06 said:

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    I put a similar post on another forum about this . As i didn't want a mini box for the bedroom as I believe they are network based no dish input needed . Pretty shit if your net goes down. I've a caravan and I take my Sky HD box with me that's what put me off. But on the other post a guy said that they do do it with some sort of universal LNB I've been meaning to phone them up but never got around to it
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    raelmadrid said:

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    I'm gonna phone up
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    reverend said:

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    They have a Q specific LNB which also has 1 legacy output which can be used with older boxes - I did read the installers don't get many of them though so it may take some persuading but it should be doable.
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    digi247 said:

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    It's a Hybrid LNB and if you specifically ask for this when ordering 'Q' before you get the install then the installers should come prepared
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    rgb1 said:

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    I thought the Q boxes had their own internal wifi network and soon to be networked using your electric cables in your home ?
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    Nibb said:

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    Overpriced bollocks!! I had Sky for over 20 years - full package and HD and was always an early subscriber to new tech - cancelled it in Feb and haven't had one fucking offer since! Cunts!
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    Brydo666 said:

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    Called up Sky today and placed an order for Q.

    2TB Q Box for Living Room
    Mini Box for Bedroom
    Fibre Unlimited
    Anytime Extra Phone (Mobiles/Landline Anytime)

    56/Month for 12 Months on a 12 Month Contract
    49 Upfront

    Thought that was pretty decent, said no cable will run to the box in the bedroom.
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    Soulassassin said:

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    Quite happy with my sky Q tbh, the WiFi around the house is better as each box also acts as an extender. I do have my mini wired to a network switch though as the wires were already there. The overall gui I think is quite good and the fast forward and rewind is much better than normal sky, only gripe is series link tends to put all the related crap into series link too when you don't want it.
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    jimbo77 said:

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    interested in getting Sky Q for myself but not willing to pay the 400 they want for me to have a 2TB box and 3 mini boxes....
    anyone know/hear of any promo's please do let me know.