MQTT + Raspberry Pi

Thread: MQTT + Raspberry Pi

  1. Rick Sanchez's Avatar

    Rick Sanchez said:

    Help MQTT + Raspberry Pi

    Hi there I have installed HiveMQ but I cannot get it to work using localhost/ It is giving me the error message of "Connect failed: AMQJS000I Socket closed.I cannot figure out how to fix this?

    Has anyone got any ideas? Can you please help me?
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    Over Carl said:

    Default Re: MQTT + Raspberry Pi

    I've never done anything with the PI or MQTT/HiveMQ, but here is my first thought:

    I'm guessing you are running HiveMQ on the Pi, but it doesn't seem to work because of the error you mentioned?

    If so, in a terminal prompt type ping

    After this try ping localhost

    If that doesn't work, try using nslookup to see if localhost resolves to

    Basically most kit is configured to treat localhost/ as loopback - i.e. to be sent to the same host that is sending them rather than another device on the network.

    Sounds like this is broken for some particular reason although I have to say I have no idea what the cause may be and how to fix it. If pings are working, but your app isn't working, then maybe a firewalling issue, or your sw hasn't been bound to the correct interface?