I would be most grateful if anyone could let me know if they have access to Witkit or similar?

I am trying to defend my mother against a fraudulent insurance claim by taking it to the ombudsman. Our case being the third party made a fraudulent claim, and insurance company incorrectly advised my mother and failed to investigate the 3rd party despite my mother paying premium for legal cover.

My mum was driving an old Volvo S40 and doing a right turn, a W plate Fiesta crashed into the rear right door, my estimate would be at a speed lower than 5mph (rear door of Volvo dented inwards by approx. 1 inch).

Then another car (I believe a Polo) tapped the Fiesta from behind causing no damage except the number plate light dropped down.

Somehow the driver of the Fiesta has managed to successfully put in a whiplash claim against my mum for this.