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    Default Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone trip (General stoke thread, all welcome)

    This is a general stoke/information thread where I hope you will all join in. Tell me and the brothers and sisters of DF about any great holidays you've had recently!

    I'll get the ball rolling....

    Last year me and the missus had a fantastic holiday in America. We flew to Boston and stayed a few nights with friends in West Springfield, then took the train to New York where we stayed in Manhattan (87th W) for 3 nights.

    After that we took a 2 hour train to Philadelphia where we stayed for 3 nights. What a lovely city! There was so much to do and see. Did the Rocky Steps like a PRO tourist! Also managed to watch 76ers v LA Lakers.

    From Phili we took another 2 hour trip down to Washington DC where we spent a couple nights visiting the National Mall, White House and all the museums etc.

    From there we took a 17 hour sleeper train to Chicago where we spent 4 nights before flying back to Boston for our final 3 nights.

    Overall it was fantastic experience and I would highly recommend anyone going to any of these cities to take the Big Bus Tours and using the metro systems to get around..

    Please ask if you have any questions.

    Anyway, this year due to the birth of our son we couldn't do anything "BIG" but that's going to change for June 2017!

    We're planning to fly in to New York, then take an internal flight to Denver, Colorado.

    From there, we're planning a semi-camping/hiking trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park then making our way up to Yellowstone National Park (bucket list) via Grand Teton Park, before travelling back down to Denver via a different route.

    We'll be renting an SUV because the distances are vast and we need something big enough to stow the gear and suitcases.

    My plan is to go from Denver to Estes Park, then up to Jackson Hole via a stop at Saratoga. Then from Jackson to Yellowstone via the South entrance and after a few nights there, we'll be heading out of the Eastern exit of Yellowstone, head to Thermopolis, then down to Chayenne and then back to Denver for the flight back to New York for a few nights before flying home.

    Has anyone done anything even remotely similar? Do you have any tips on places to visit along the way? Will I be eaten by a bear when camping in Yellowstone?

    P.S: Baby is staying with grandparents!
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