My Pi 3 arrives tomorrow

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    Hardware My Pi 3 arrives tomorrow

    Been running out of things to tinker with so stumped up and bought a new RPi3. I like the idea of the onboard Wifi as it makes the device a lot more compact for a number of applications.

    The project I'm thinking of is replacing my missus car stereo in her Corsa with a RPi3 powered head unit. Problem is she is still stuck in the physical world and buys CDs!! So I'm looking for ideas here. I think the best option is to run it through Kodi as this gives a lot of options.

    So currently my wishlist is :
    7" touchscreen mounted in dash powered by RPi3
    SFTP server
    BluRay player [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] is a starting point
    DAB Tuner
    DVB Tuner
    4G/GPS Connectivity ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ] maybe?)

    Now most of this is straight forward enough but the thing that is bothering me the most is the screen. These are not particularly cheap and I want to make sure I get a good one with a decent quality for not too many pennies.

    Problems I see :
    Mounting the BluRay player... This is probably going to end up in the glovebox at the moment unless I can come up with a better solution. A slot loading version is needed either way. Trays are just too cumbersome for car installs. Would be nice if once I fabricate the actual fascia if I can get it mounted behind but I'm not holding out much hope on this front at the moment.

    Screen fitment - I am currently looking at making this a double DIN module so it can be fitted to other cars in the future but if the screen doesn't look right I may have it fabricated into the console somehow. Not too worried about this as this will be the last part of the project but it's at the back of my mind.

    Controls - As it's going to be Kodi based touchscreen will suffice for most of the input but I still want a few physical buttons for power, volume etc. I'll prototype basic buttons to begin with and once it's all working and the fitment has been decided I will streamline this into the final design.

    Anyone tried anything similar and come across any hurdles?
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    Default Re: My Pi 3 arrives tomorrow

    I have tried Kodi in my car (using the touchscreen skin) and to be honest I found it very hard to use, the interface is just too small (double din, 7" screen).
    Using an android player currently and not really had any problems (you can install Kodi etc.) but it has the advantage of using Sat Nav software etc. and the software is fairly mature

    I think the right idea is to use some physical buttons as they will help (left, right, up, down, enter, c (context menu), + & _ for volume and backspace should cover the buttons you need)
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