I'm not a big fan of the Sky boxes in all honesty but that's what I have at home right now. I'd love to move to Kodi or MythTV instead but it's all a bit confusing.

From what I can gather I will need a DVB-S tuner with CI interface, a relevant CAM for Sky cards (Dragon?) and of course a PC. I'll more than likely be using my HP Microserver N54L as the brains of the system as that's what I've been using for Plex for the last few years and it still works well.

Has anyone setup anything similar and how easy is it to work? I understand I'll need to keep the Sky box to put the card into in order for it to send keep-alives in a similar way that I used my old DM800HD but that's not a problem to me.

Which would be best though? Kodi or MythTV. I use Kodi quite a lot at the moment so I'm erring on that as the base interface/system but am open to other options...