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    Advice Advice Needed: Laptop Recommendations Specs

    Hi Guys,

    I need some advice please.

    A friend is looking for a laptop that can run run Vegas Movie Studio 13 smoothly and the recommended specs seem easy enough but I cannot figure out some of these laptops specs as they don't seem to list their GPU's?

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    Budget is £500.

    Thanks for your help

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    Default Re: Advice Needed: Laptop Recommendations Specs

    I have no idea about AMD as I avoid their procs but as far as Intel laptops are concerned if you search the CPU model in Google and click onto the Intel site it will list the integrated GPU e.g. HD4000. If the laptop has a discrete GPU it will usually lost it on the specs. I see they mention quadro and FirePro, these are usually only on workstation laptops so maybe check dell outlet work section and you may get 20% extra off using "blackfriday" as the promo code.

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